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So much of who we are is displayed in the work we do, as we tirelessly strive to preserve, promote, and celebrate the rich heritage, traditions, and cultural identity of the Guyanese community in Tampa Bay and beyond. See what we're passionate about below.

As part of our mission to promote cross-cultural awareness and unity between American and Guyanese communities, our organization provides educational opportunities, aid during hardships and emergencies, and support to new Guyanese immigrants in Tampa Bay. Read about some of the ways we've served and continue to serve below.

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Through meaningful contributions to high school, college, and graduate school students, GCNTB is proud to support educational advancement in our local community and abroad. 

2010 - School Drive

A school supply drive is orchestrated by GCNTB to support primary school students in Bartica and Pomeroon, Guyana.

2014 - Present

Taste of Guyana Education Initiative

Graduates are recognized and awarded for their educational endeavors during our Annual Taste of Guyana. 


2013 - New Amsterdam Hospital Supply Initiative

A number of medical supplies were donated to the New Amsterdam hospital via the Ministry of Health. The supplies included gloves, body bags, bed linens, and toys for the pediatric ward. 

2014 - Supporting the Guyana Development Mission International

Support was provided to the Guyana Development Mission International to send refurbished ambulances to Guyana for the purpose of critical emergency medical services.

2016 - Present Participants
Paint Your Heart Out Tampa Bay

Did you know that in 2012, GCNTB became a Paint Your Heart Out Tampa Bronze Brush Sponsor?


This city-wide program strives to enrich lives and revitalize our community through annual volunteer efforts to paint and revamp the homes of our seniors, veterans, and disabled neighbor's. With each brush stroke, we've looked forward to lending a hand throughout the years.

2019 - Hurricane Irma Relief Efforts

Helping and assisting those in need is our first love. Through volunteering and charitable activities, we enjoy supporting Tampa Bay and abroad as locally engaged citizens. At the heart of our organization lies the determination to improve the quality of life for Guyanese, Guyanese-Americans, and those in need at home and overseas.


Our colorful and diverse GCNTB family is a beautiful illustration of Guyana's national motto: 

"The Land of Many Waters".


Moreover, our annual Taste of Guyana event is one of our favorite ways to promote cross-cultural awareness, appreciation, understanding, and unity, between American and Guyanese communities. During this event, we are extremely proud to endorse cultural enrichment and diversity through Guyanese cuisine, cultural entertainment, lectures, and so much more.


In addition, our event offers Tampa citizens an opportunity to not only celebrate Guyanese culture and traditions but raise proceeds for homeless pregnant woman and their children through Alpha House and funding for college-bound high school graduates.

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