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  • Renee Peterson

Pillar of Dedication: Honoring John's Legacy in GCNTB

Updated: May 13

John Bailey is a pillar of dedication embodying the spirit of selfless service that defines our GCNTB community. His unwavering commitment and steadfast devotion have left an indelible mark, earning him the honor of our 2024 Membership Award. 

John’s journey within our network spans many years from his meticulous duties as Treasurer. For three years, he ensured the organization’s financial stability and records with the utmost care. In 2018, he began his service as President of GCNTB leading the organization with his wisdom and vision for six years.

Today, as we honor him, let us pause to acknowledge the profound impact of his contributions to GCNTB. Noteworthy, was his shepherding of the organization through the COVID pandemic until January of 2024.

John radiates a deep-seated pride in his Guyanese heritage and commitment to GCNTB’s mission, vision, and legacy. His is a journey of humility, service and dedication for which we are deeply grateful. Thank you, John, for your many years of service!


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